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Marion Homes, LLC

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Would you love to build your dream home? Are you frustrated with the current housing market and wish you could create what you want from the ground up? The good news is, you can!

I am excited to partner with Marion Homes, LLC to help bring my clients the ability to build a custom home that meets all their needs.


The team at Marion Homes have decades of experience in new builds and are proud to serve our area and a variety of budgets. Kenny & Tom provide a truly customized experience from start to finish to help you build exactly what you are looking for. 


I can help you find the location and together we will create your dream home—start to finish. 

Ready to learn more?

You can learn more about Marion Homes by contacting us today! Fill out the contact form below if you'd like more information about working with us to build your dream home. 

Modern Bathroom
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